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This Page is for Raw Netting Fabric ONLY.
These are NOT Our Custom-made Fabricated Ready-to-hang Curtains
quality mosquito netting

Heavy Mosquito Netting

Best  Value!

Black White & Ivory details below

100" Roll width  x  $5.50 / Ln Ft
Color     Length  
123" Roll width  x  $6.00 / Ln Ft
Color     Length   
144" Roll width  x  $6.50 / Ln Ft
Color     Length  
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Standard Mosquito Netting

Black & White

details below
100" Roll width  x  $4.50 / Ln Ft
Color      Length   
123" Roll width  x  $4.50 / Ln Ft
Color      Length  
144" Roll width  x  $5.00 / Ln Ft
Color     Length  
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No-see-um Netting

Black & White

details below
120" Roll width  x  $5.50 / Ln Ft
Color      Length  
DIY screen porch

Shade Netting Fabric

Black & White

details below
123" Roll width  x  $7.00 / Ln Ft

Black is most commonly used
Color         Length  
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Mosquito netting

Heavy Mosquito Netting Mesh

  • Our most popular mesh for durability
  • None of us are strong enough to rip a raw edge
  • Best visibility of all mesh types
mosquito netting

Standard Mosquito Netting Mesh

  • Still better quality than anything you've seen
  • A bit less expensive

    Ivory in Heavy Mosquito Mesh Only




  • Not as rugged as our heavy mesh
mosquito netting

No-see-um Mesh

  • Blocks a tiny hard-to see biting sandfly called a no-see-um
  • The term No-see-um refers to a bug type and NOT visibility
  • If you don't have No-see-ums, use heavy mesh instead
  • Looks like polyester sheers (very durable)
mosquito netting

Shade Mesh Black Only

All materials here are NFPA 701 fire rated
Holes/ sq inch
Thread Denier
Max Roll Width
Air flow

* Thread Denier is the thread weight. Our netting is woven whereby each visible thread is actually 3 threads woven together such that our heavy mesh has an effective denier of 450.


As a point of comparison, the cheap gazebo mosquito net kits you may have seen at home improvement stores have a single weave denier of only 50 which is why cheap netting tears easily and doesn't last. Sorry, Not us. We DON'T sell this.

screen porch fabric
Cheap netting...Not Us! .

Mosquito netting
Screen mesh
Mosquito netting
Screen mesh

Porch Curtains are a challenge. Want us to make it for you?

We cut and sew ready to hang mosquito netting panels for Porches, Patios, Garages, and more. You may want to ask yourself if it is worth your time. Our prices for custom-made curtains are very reasonable. What will take us 30 minutes with automation, 12ft fabric saws, and feeders will take you about 8 hours. Our double stitch machines make perfectly spaced stitches that precisely hold our block magnets and fiberglass rods. If you plan to use tracking, you will need a special snap tape to fasten to your track carriers.

If you have a workroom, you'll understand that sewing large panels can be a challenge since they will shape-shift if the tension on your machine isn't set properly and you won't know if it is set properly until you've already sewn the panel. If you really want to sew it, we recommend sewing then cutting iteratively. We've had plenty of customers give up and have us make them as well a few that have done a splendid job.

Sewing your own panels

  1. Cut netting into some geometric shape
  2. Bind all the edges by double stitching a 2" webbing (folded in half like a taco)
  3. The spacing and positioning of our double stitching is 1/2" to precisely accommodate our fiberglass rods, and magnets
  4. If curtains will slide on tracking, we use a 2" snap tape to attach to our tracking snap carriers. Call to special order.

Want some improvised rigging ideas?

Lots of clients have small little projects that need only a quick fix and ask us for ideas. For some, appearance is not a factor and all they need is something functional. You don't want to simply nail up netting panels if you want them to last. Here are a few ideas.

Substitute Stitched Webbing with Duct Tape.

Sound Crazy? Read on. Fold Duct tape (we like Gorilla® brand) in half like a taco and tuck the netting inside (Duct Tape comes in a variety of colors and there is something used in the film industry called Gaffer's Tape that has a matte textured backing that looks more like cloth). Apply the Duct Tape around the entire perimeter of the netting panel.

Boat Photos » Yep, Duct tape!

You can apply adhesive-backed Velcro directly to the Duct Tape to join panels or afix to a surface.

Not as pretty or as strong as our Custom Solutions, but sometimes the project is more about affordable functionality and less about aesthetics.

LIMITATIONS: This method only works with our "Heavy Mesh. You will not be able to use any sort of tracking and can ony create a fixed attachment.

mosquito netting mosquito netting mosquito netting
Click Images to enlarge. He was able to custom fit these odd shaped panels. Notice that the imperfections are due to some 3D surfaces. He used this for a season and then sent it back to us to bind all the edges OVER his Duct Tape to pretty things up!

A Boy Scout Idea

Take a marble, round stone or golf ball and wrap netting over the ball. Use a cord to choke a noose around the ball and then tie off the cord. This will not stress the netting like nailing the netting might. In addition your panel is reusable by repositioning the balls.

mosquito netting

mosquito netting

Wrap Netting Around A Wood Strip

You can wrap the netting a few turns around a wood strip (like a 1" x 2") and then nail the wood strip. The Home Improvement stores also sell a 2" x 1/4" x 8ft hardwood (poplar) that is suitable. Distributing the mounting tension along a long wood strip is far better than simply nailing directly into raw netting.

Spline Screening

A tip from Moses
Our netting is often used for spline screening especially for very large panels using all mesh types except "Standard". We can make single individual cut pieces 12ft x 100ft and everyone chooses "black" for visibility.

A little trick for spline screening is to roll the netting around 2.5" PVC tubes like Moses' Ten Commandment scroll. This enables you to stretch the screening in 2 directions, both along the length of the PVC tube and between the two tubes. Place over frame, spline, and then trim.
Spline screening