Gazebo Screen Net Curtains
Custom-made Marine-grade Quality

Quality, Quality & More Quality!

We custom-make marine grade quality Mosquito Curtains for gazebos that is 10x stronger than tissue paper thin materials stamped out in China that do not last. Our black curtains are crystal clear to look through and will not fade (solution dyed for you designers) and is strong enough to lift our heaviest 240lb employee. If you are tired of the low quality, we can help. If you are looking for cheap one size fits all replacement screens, try

Fixed Velcro Attachment Fixed in place

This is the preferred and least expensive method for 5+ sided gazebos. Essentually, you wrap the entire structure like a "soup can label" like the photos show. Where the 2 ends meet, we create a magnetic doorway for easy access. By seasonally leaving the panel in place, you know you can always walk into a protected space and leave any time you like without a fuss.

Tracking Attachment Slides side-to-side

This method is generally only used for 4-sided gazebos. In fact, we often tell customers to save the money as sometimes more expensive is not necessarily better. Tracking is more appropriate for pergolas where you are better able to create that "look" while polygons are better suited for fixed attachment.

Patio Screens

Interchangeable With Clear Vinyl Winter Panels.

We also make Clear Vinyl Winter Panels that really must use a fixed attachment, and for good reasons. Curtains that wrap the outside of the skeletal structure of your columns are very stable in the wind. Because these panels are perfectly dense to block the cold air, they require the structure of an outside hang.

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