Create Your Own Framed Deck Screen Enclosure
When You Have No Overhead Roof Structure

Ordering Process

 plastic wall panelsIf you have some overhead structure to hang curtains click here, otherwise, we will need to assist you on this application for roofless decks . Here are the steps for planning your order:

  1. Email us a digital photo of the entire space you would like to enclose
  2. We will help you plan a frame compatible with creating a good seal
  3. You will construct the frame and email us another photo of the finished frame
  4. We will explain how to measure and set your order up for you

Frame Options For Screened Deck

We only offer a DIY product so the frame is up to you. You should speak to us BEFORE you take it upon yourself to build a frame to ensure that it is compatible with creating a sealable enclosure. The following options vary in cost and aesthetics. For those structures requiring a "roof panel" we carry a black shade fabric that blocks both insects and 80% of sunlight. While not 100% block, it allows a clear view of the sky and designed to "take the edge off" that bright orb in the sky.

  • PVC Frame - A simple option using 2-3" PVC depending on size and is easily removable. See details
  • Simple Overhead Wood Box - Essentially a Pergola without rafters, very easy, inexpensive, & very compatible.
  • Pergola - Careful, not all designs are compatible. More involved but nice looking. More Info
  • Cheap Aluminum Gazebos - Don't waste your money. A million parts, very unstable (wobbles). They are cheap quality at cheap price.
  • Pavilion Kit - Is esentially a pergola with hard shell roof (check out Yardistry models from Costco that are good quality). More Info
  • Fixed Awning - We cannot fit retractable awnings. More Info
  • Pole Tent - Often used for restaurants looking for a removeable structure.
  • The Frameless Upside Down Box - A very situational solution.
  • Screen Cage - Fancy, modular in that you can relocate, pricey. Great for pools.

deck screen insect curtains
3in PVC Frame
diy patio screening for deck
2in PVC Frame
shade pergolaOverhead Box
shade pergolaOverhead Box
mosquito netting 4
yardistry curtains
Pavilion by Yardistry®
Awning screenFixed Awning
restaurant plastic panelsPole Tent
how to screen patio deckFrameless Box
screen porch 1060 x30 x12' Screen Cage

Only Quality Fabricated Mosquito Netting

noseem nettingThis is a very high quality mosquito netting made from marine-grade materials. IN NO WAY should you compare these to the cheap gazebo net kits you may have seen on aluminum gazebos at home improvement stores that is tissue paper thin at 90 denier. You could jump off your roof and let the firemen catch you in our netting that is 450 denier (thread weight). We use the same coloring process as Sunbrella® so our materials do not fade. In addition to mosquito netting, we also carry no-see-um mesh and a lovely shade mesh.